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Seth Russell russell.seth at gmail.com
Sat Jan 22 01:51:55 GMT 2005

I may be totally missing the point as i am new to WP.   But it seems
to me that nofollow
should be put on all links in comments by default.   However if the
blog owner determines that the links in a specific comment are worthy,
then there should be an option to click the nofollow off for that one
comment only.   Is this possible, or am i just confused.

On Sat, 22 Jan 2005 08:28:59 +0900, drDave <drdave at unknowngenius.com> wrote:
> Without even getting into the debate as to whether 'no follow' should
> or should not be enabled by default, let me just point out the rather
> obvious:
> if there are two versions of WP out there with the same footprint and
> one of them has a chance of not been using "no follow", you can bet
> spambot will keep hitting *both* as hard as they can (possibly harder,
> since, as somebody pointed out, they've just received an
> acknowledgement of the value of comment spam).
> I seriously doubt spammers will go to any length to differentiate
> between two identical installs where the only difference is the state
> of the "no follow" setting.
> To sum-up: leaving the "no follow" attribute as an easily disabled
> option makes it pretty much useless for everybody.
> Not recommending any specific approach here, just something to
> consider...
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